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Orchard manuals

About the orchard manuals

The aim of the Orchard Manuals is to help orchardists grow fruit more efficiently and improve orchard profitability.

The orchard manuals are written for fruit growers and contain easy to follow instructions, many illustrations and photos.They cover the latest orchard management, tree training and fruit production methods.  

The orchard manuals are written by Bas van den Ende, a horticultural specialist with decades of experience in fruit production, research and consultancy.


Orchard manuals available as digital (PDF) files

Download the file and view it on laptops, tablets and phones or print it for a hard copy.


About the author

Bas van den Ende's involvement and interest in the fruit industry spans 60 years, during which he has written or co-authored more than 300 scientific papers, Agnotes, chapters in horticultural books, articles in national and international horticultural journals and magazines, and orchard manuals.

Bas was responsible for the Development & Commercialisation of the TATURA TRELLIS.

Bas was a research scientist with the Victorian Department of Agriculture, Australia, for 30 years, specialising in the management and production of fruit trees.
After Bas retired from the Victorian Dept of Ag, he set himself up as an independent consultant in fruit production and worked in the USA for six years followed by 17 years in Australia.


About Orchard manuals

This manual provides fruit growers with the mindset and tools necessary to improve on, and sustain, a profitable orchard operation.
The Open-Tatura Ground-Level Production System is one of the most efficient orchard systems that can be managed from the ground. Much of ‘doing it from the ground’ is focused on maximising labour efficiency.
An in-depth look at the most efficient, versatile and recognisable fruit producing system
These manuals show you step-by-step how to develop and train the branchless multi–leader apple and pear trees.
Start and maintain cherry trees in several intensive orchard systems.
These manuals provide fruit growers with the knowledge and tools necessary to improve on, and sustain, a profitable orchard operation.