Plum management

Opportunities to manage trees which produce crops soon after the trees have been planted, and which crop well and give quick returns, have stimulated interest in high density orchards for plums.

The emphasis in the manuals is to:
■ Achieve a full and efficient tree canopy at an early tree age.
■ Sustain optimum fruit production over the projected life of the orchard.
■ Produce fruit of high quality.
■ Use equipment and labour efficiently.

The manual contains 48 pages of information, images and illustrations.
File size is 2Mb

List of topics

  • Which rootstock?
    • peach
    • plum
  • Cross-pollination and fruit set
    • Pollinisers
  • Plant nursery trees of good quality
  • Your orchard starts in the nursery
  • What is the most productive wood?
    • cutting-back and spreading fruiting wood
  • Sunlight & your trees
  • Different pruning cuts
    • heading
    • thinning
    • bench
    • stubbing
  • Efficient orchard systems:
    • central leader
    • Tatura Trellis
    • Open Tatura
  • Fruit thinning:
    • when to thin
    • how to thin
    • chemical thinning
    • keep records
  • Facts about growing large plums

  • What is a Plumcot and Pluot?
  • When are plums/Pluos/Plumcots ready to harvest?
    • ripenting and maturity
    • harvest
    • determining harvest maturity
    • indicies including size and shape, colour, flesh firmness, sugar
  • How much nitrogen fertiliser, and when?
    • first year
    • second year
    • third year and beyond
  • How useful is a soil test
    • Don't rely only on soil tests
    • A place for soil tests
    • benefits of leaf and sap analysis 
  • Soil organic matter
    • why is organic matter important
    • relationship with organic carbon
    • amount of organic matter in the soil
    • organic matter and supply of nutrients, soil stability 
    • how to increase organic matter in the soil
  • Crown Gall
  • Winter chill for breaking dormancy
    • chilling requirement
    • minimise the risk
    • tree response to chilling
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