Cherries High Density Systems

Cherries High Density Systems deals mainly with how to start and maintain cherry trees in several intensive orchard systems:
 •Tatura Trellis •Open Tatura •Central Leader •Aussie Bush.

To successfully use any of the intensive orchard systems described, it is strongly recommended that you refer to our other manual, Sweet cherries—orchard management.
The two manuals complement each other to give you all the details on how to manage your high density cherry orchard.

There has been a resurgence in cherry growing all over the world as more cherry varieties are now available that have superior qualities, are self-fertile, can extend the harvest season to more than eight weeks, and the fruit are more resistant to rain-cracking.

Other factors that have contributed to a resurgence in cherry growing are:

  • New high density orchard systems which promise early and high yields of fruit of good quality.
  • New methods to create fruiting branches, and to prune and train young trees to increase early fruitfulness.
  • The introduction and evaluation of size-controlling rootstocks.
  • New methods to reduce rain cracking of fruit.
  • More reliable control of damage by birds.
  • Modified atmosphere packaging.
  • Better management of pests and diseases.

List of topics

  • Tatura Trellis: Year 1
    • select two shoots
    • maximise growth
  • Tatura Trellis: Year 2
    • Rest breaking agent
    • Cytolin
    • pluck the tops of leaders
    • score some leaders
    • thin shoots
    • spread strong shoots
    • twist strong upright shoots
    • pinch, head and stub new shoots
  • Tatura Trellis: Year 3
    • encourage new shoots from buds on blind sections of the leaders
    • Tatura Trellis: Year 4 and beyond
    • Fine-tuning
  • Open Tatura: Year 1
    • Follow procedure as for Tatura Trellis
  • Open Tatura: Years 2 and beyond
    • As for Tatura Trellis
  • Central Leader: Year 1
    • Beware of transplant shock
    • stub feathers
    • rest-breaking agent
    • Cytolin
    • pluck tops
    • remove low shoots
    • spread some shoots
  • Central Leader: Year 2 & beyond
    • complete the tree structure
    • repeat some activities from year 1
    • postpone heading for as long as possible
  • Aussie Bush: Year 1
    • nursery tree selection
    • cut them back
    • select 3-4 shoots
    • illustrations presented for tree training
    • keep leaders upright
    • spray to prevent bacterial canker
  • Aussie Bush: Year 2 and beyond
    • apply rest-breaking agent
    • Cytolin in spring
    • pluck leaders
    • score if needed
    • thin shoots if needed
    • spread and twist shoots if needed
    • drought trees
    • Renovating big cherry trees
    • Cytolin use for young trees

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