Peach-Nectarine trellis systems

If you contemplate planting a new peach or nectarine orchard, you should study and consider carefully one of the following orchard systems:


Each of these systems has good and bad points. There is no such thing as a perfect orchard system. However, these four systems have the potential for trees to intercept more sunlight and produce more fruit per hectare than the traditional, widelyspaced, open-vase trees that have been the 'bread and butter' for orchardists for many years.
The four systems also introduce methods of tree management that encourage early production in the life of the orchard and good production of fruit of high quality. As well, they can
reduce use of pesticides, are more labour efficient and are banker friendly.
The Kelk, Central Leader, Tatura Trellis and Open Tatura are distinctly different. You must decide which one you can afford
and which one suits you best.

The file contains 42 pages of practical information, photos and illustrations.
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List of topics

  • Orchard starts with good quality nursery trees
  • The Kelk:
    • How to start
    • When to head
  • Central Leader:
    • How to start
    • Keep strong shoots under control
    • Encourage the leader
  • Tatural Trellis:
    • How to start
  • Open Tatura:
    • How to start with one-leader or two-leader trees
  • Problems with open vase and renovation
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