Pear Branchless multi-leader

Sample pages from this manual:

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A good knowledge of how pear trees grow and fruit, and how they differ from apple trees, is essential for managing a branchless multi-leader pear orchard.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we have illustrated this manual with many photos and drawings, as we have with our other manuals.
The branchless multi-leader tree is a good example of a controlled canopy with good distribution of sunlight. This poses new challenges for orchardists, hence the need for a manual that complements our popular manual: pear on Open Tatura.

This manual contains important aspects of pear behaviour, and shows you step-by-step how to develop and train the branchless multi-leader pear tree.
The branchless multi-leader pear tree is a relatively new training system in Australia and the manual will be progressively updated.

  • 160 pages of information, photos and illustrations
  • File download: 12.5Mb
  • Updated and expanded: Jan 2018

Topics covered in the manual

Growing pears in the 21st century

Pollination and fruit set

  • Importance of having seeded fruit
  • Reserves of nutrients and hormones in the tree
  • Honey bee pollination

What is parthenocarpy?

Hand thin pears

Rootstocks for pears in Australia

  • Pyrus Calleryana
  • Winter Nellis
  • Quince
  • BP1
  • BM2000
  • Pear trees on their own roots

What are the problems with branches?

Benefits of a branchless tree

What are fruiting units?

Creating fruiting units

Make good use of sunlight — grow pears not wood

The branchless multi-leader tree — a production line

Upright vs angled canopies

How many leaders per tree?

Your orchard starts in the nursery

  • Seven steps to ensure that your orchard of branchless multi-leader pear trees gets a good start.

Tree training Open Tatura and upright trellis: first year, two leaders

Tree training: First year, four leaders

Tree training: Second year, two and four leaders

  • Creating fruiting units
  • Manage apical dominance
  • Notching
  • Stubbing new shoots
  • From proleptic shoots

Forcing the leaders to make prolectic shoots

Create efficient and productive fruiting canopies

  • Keep you eye on the heads of the leaders
  • What is apical dominance
  • Manage sunlight
  • Turn proleptic shoots into fruiting units

How to keep the heads of the leaders calm NEW

Maintain efficient and productive fruiting canopies

  • Restrict root growth
  • Plant trees closely
  • Do most of the pruning in summer and less in winter
  • Apply Regulated Deficit Irrigation
  • Apply growth retardants

Winter chill for breaking dormancy

  • Chilling requirement
  • Tree response to chilling
  • The South African experience

Hail net NEW

  • Net—positives and negatives
  • Crop effects
  • Bee activity
  • Type of net, structure, shape
  • Net colour
  • Plant first or net first?

Tree nutrition

  • Leaf analysis vs soil analysis
  • Nitrogen

Can nitrogen fertiliser boost pear size?

What is Pseudomonas syringae? (pear blossom blast)