Pear Branchless multi-leader

A good knowledge of how pear trees grow and fruit, and how they differ from apple trees, is essential for managing a branchless multi-leader pear orchard. The branchless multi-leader tree is a good example of a controlled canopy with good distribution of sunlight. This poses new challenges for orchardists, hence the need for a manual that complements our popular manual: pear on Open Tatura.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we have illustrated this manual with many photos and drawings, as we have with our other manuals.
This manual contains important aspects of pear behaviour, and shows you step-by-step how to develop and train the branchless multi-leader pear tree.
The branchless multi-leader pear tree is a relatively new training system in Australia and the manual will be progressively updated.

  • 160 pages of information, photos and illustrations
  • File download: 12.5Mb
  • Updated and expanded: Jan 2018

Topics covered in the manual

Growing pears in the 21st century

Pollination and fruit set

  • Importance of having seeded fruit
  • Reserves of nutrients and hormones in the tree
  • Honey bee pollination

What is parthenocarpy?

Hand thin pears

Rootstocks for pears in Australia

  • Pyrus Calleryana
  • Winter Nellis
  • Quince
  • BP1
  • BM2000
  • Pear trees on their own roots

What are the problems with branches?

Benefits of a branchless tree

What are fruiting units?

Creating fruiting units

Make good use of sunlight — grow pears not wood

The branchless multi-leader tree — a production line

Upright vs angled canopies

How many leaders per tree?

Your orchard starts in the nursery

  • Seven steps to ensure that your orchard of branchless multi-leader pear trees gets a good start.

Tree training Open Tatura and upright trellis: first year, two leaders

Tree training: First year, four leaders

Tree training: Second year, two and four leaders

  • Creating fruiting units
  • Manage apical dominance
  • Notching
  • Stubbing new shoots
  • From proleptic shoots

Forcing the leaders to make prolectic shoots

Create efficient and productive fruiting canopies

  • Keep you eye on the heads of the leaders
  • What is apical dominance
  • Manage sunlight
  • Turn proleptic shoots into fruiting units

How to keep the heads of the leaders calm NEW

Maintain efficient and productive fruiting canopies

  • Restrict root growth
  • Plant trees closely
  • Do most of the pruning in summer and less in winter
  • Apply Regulated Deficit Irrigation
  • Apply growth retardants

Winter chill for breaking dormancy

  • Chilling requirement
  • Tree response to chilling
  • The South African experience

Hail net NEW

  • Net—positives and negatives
  • Crop effects
  • Bee activity
  • Type of net, structure, shape
  • Net colour
  • Plant first or net first?

Tree nutrition

  • Leaf analysis vs soil analysis
  • Nitrogen

Can nitrogen fertiliser boost pear size?

What is Pseudomonas syringae? (pear blossom blast)

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