Apple Open Tatura (buy)

Apple Open Tatura (buy)



Cherry Orchard Management 07 2020 cover

This manual is for anyone concerned with the establishment, management and performance of an Open Tatura apple orchard.

It emphasises how to:

  • Achieve a full and efficient tree canopy at an early tree age
  • Sustain optimum fruit production over the projected life of the orchard
  • Produce fruit of high quality and good size.

168 pages of information, photos and illustrations 



What you will find in this manual

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Trees & spacing

  • Orchard specifications - planting distance
  • Methods of training - single leader
  • Trellis & anchor specifications
  • Rootstock choice
  • Polliniser varieties


  • Renewal pruning
  • Root pruning
  • Heading cuts
  • Double delay-heading

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  • Calcium in the soil, tree and fruit
  • Replacing nutrient losses 
  • Nitrogen applications

Crop protection

  • Apple replant disease (ARD) 
  • Crown gall
  • Hail net and bee activity
  • Sunburn, overhead cooling
  • Frost
  • Phytophthora

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  • Spreading shoots/branches of young trees - when, crotch angles, apical dominance, bending & arching
  • Manage trees in the first 3 seasons 
  • Scion rooting of apples
  • Burr knots
  • Watercore
  • Avoid skin russet
  • How do apples turn red or pink?
  • Biennial bearing
  • Nine fruit maturity tests

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Winter chilling

  • Winter chill for breaking dormancy
  • Chilling requirement
  • Tree response to chilling
  • When buds move in spring

Soil preparation

  • Prepare the soil before planting 
  • Soil organic matter
  • Soil testing. 
  • Leaf and sap analysis


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